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New Song: She Knew

I’ve taken a bit of turn with my approach to writing music as of late, especially with my lyrics. Admittedly, for a long time, I was influenced a lot by producers who were in the music industry, and I’d try to be “clever” with my lyrics. I realized that I’m just not that clever, so now, I just write down what comes to mind and what works – for me.

In any case, I came up with this song this evening. I was in a rather pensive mood, thinking about my marriage and how it has changed over the years, and then a melody came to mind, and then a chord progression. This is a simply song with me singing over a single guitar (my Squier CV Tele). I guess you could call it a love song, but it’s more of a song of understanding where my wife is coming from – at least I think it’s where she’s coming from. 🙂

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