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I was on an instrumental bent for awhile, but recently have gotten the inspiration to do songs with lyrics. This song was inspired by my realization that love and marriage are so much more than romance and fireworks. I had had an argument with my wife and accused her of losing her romantic feelings (in other words I was whining). So I stormed off, intent on going on a serious piss, and in the process realized that she was right: Love is much more than what I believed it to be.

Acoustic Guitar: Yamaha APX-900 plugged directly in, using an acoustic amp model

Electric Guitar: ’59 Les Paul Replica

Amp: Hughes & Kettner TubeMeister 18 (plugged directly into my board using the awesome RedBox DI)

Originally, I started out with my CV Tele because the song has a slightly country feel, but I wanted something with a little more “balls,” so I had to got with a Les Paul, and my ’59 replica delivered what I was expecting, hands-down.

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