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Am I Over the Guitar Thing?

I started this blog in January of 2007. For the first few years, I posted to it at least five times a week. It gained in popularity, and became a destination site for people looking for gear. In my mind, I never wanted to be an “uber” gear site where I reviewed anything and everything. Frankly, I started this blog simply as a diary to get my thoughts down on gear I was testing to potentially add to my rig.

So here I am, nine and a half years later wondering about this blog. And no, I’m not considering closing it down. It’s a useful resource for many people. But it’s most likely that unless I get some new gear that totally blows me away, I probably won’t be posting here much at all, as has been the case for the last couple of year.

Why is that?

Simply because I’ve found my tone. Being ever so pragmatic about the gear I have, I’ve sold off most of my electric guitars because I just need a couple to get the sounds I need. I’ll hold onto my amps because I just love them, but quite honestly, I only play with two amps now (though I am looking at getting a Fender Twin since I’ve been focusing a lot on Reggae as of late). As for pedals, I still have a bunch of ’em, and I’ll probably hang on to those as well.

So here are my electric and acoustic rigs right now:

Electric Rig

– Gibson ’58 Les Paul Historic with Deacci Green Faze pickups
– Slash L Guitars “Katie May”

– DV Mark Little 40 with Groove Tubes 6L6 tubes (will also take EL34’s)
– Aracom VRX22
– ¬†Fender ’58 Champ in a custom 1 X 10 cabinet

Effects (These are switched out depending on my mood):
– Overdrive: Paul Cochrane Timmy, Tone Freaks Abunai 2
– Distortion: EWS Little Brute
– Chorus: TC Electronics Corona, HBE THC, BOSS CE-2
– Reverb: Hardwire RV-7
– Delay: Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay (handwired version)
– Wah: VOX Big Bad Wah (I love this wah)

Acoustic Rig

Guitar: Yamaha APX900 Acoustic/Electric

Amp/PA: Fishman SoloAmp SA-220

–¬†Same modulation effects as above
– Looper: Roland RC-2 LoopStation

As I mentioned above, I’m looking to get a Fender Twin. I’ve played both the new and vintage ones, and didn’t hear much of a difference between the two, and you can find decent used reissues for a great price.

But circling back to the title of this article, that electric rig that I described above is about two years old. It gets me pretty much where I want to go tonally. I’ve found my sound, so I don’t need anything else. I’m now in a cover band, and it could be argued that if I was going to be true to the original sounds, I should get the “right” equipment. But with our band, which is really a bunch of old farts, we’re just getting together and having fun. As long as it’s close, we’re good.

All that’s not to say that I won’t succumb to a GAS attack in the future, but I haven’t had a serious GAS attack in a LONG time. Chances are I probably won’t any time soon.

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