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There’s no guitar like a Les Paul that will distract me from considering other guitars. Just when I thought my next axe would be a Strat HSH, I think I have to get this new Les Paul with the Premium Plus finish. Last updated in 2008, this new Les Paul sports some freaking awesome features. But the thing that has me buzzing is that all four control knobs are push-pull knobs. The volume knobs split their respective pickup’s coils, but the neck tone’s push-pull is a phase switch to put the neck pickup out of phase with the bridge. Nice! And finally, the bridge tone’s push-pull routes the bridge pickup’s signal directly to the output jack, bypassing both the volume and tone knobs to deliver full volume and tone to the output jack for a lead tone. SO AWESOME!!!

The guitar has other accoutrements such as locking Grover tuners, but I DIG the tone shaping possibilities with this guitar. Plus, it’s actually coming out at a reasonable price for a new LP at around $2500, which is less than the 2008 model, but sports more features. Go figure.

So… the Strat HSH will just have to wait….

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