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A friend of mine – actually by association through my wife who grew up in the same court – writes an awesome blog about the culture and history of candy in America, called the CandyProfessor.com. She told me about it today while she was visiting with us, and being a bit of a sweet freak as well as a gear freak, I was really intrigued by what she calls “her little project.” I spent a couple of hours reading through her posts, and I have to say, Wow! What a perspective!

Given the time of the year, it’s natural to think of sweets, and what better way to think about sweets but reading about them in a blog! Ha! But mind you, the author, Samira Kawash, is no amateur. She is a real professor (hence the site’s name) who just recently left her tenured job with a university to write full time, and CandyProfessor.com is part of her writing process! Love it! Check it out! It’s really refreshing reading!

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