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Carvin SH575 MIDI Access Guitar

New Rating:

4.75 Tone Bones - Almost perfect but not quite

I’m going to do something that I have never done before and that is to re-rate some gear that I’ve already rated. The SH575 now gets a Tone Bone rating of 4.75 instead of the 4.5 I gave her yesterday.

I should know better than to do a review after only a day of playing some new gear; especially when it’s something that is completely new. Maybe it was my vanity in thinking that since I play all sorts of guitars that I should be able to pick up a new guitar and just start playing – and play it well. So shame on me for not taking more time with the Carvin SH575 to get to know the guitar better before I reviewed it.

It bugged me that I gave it a 4.5, which is not a low score by any means – I was really hoping it would be higher. So this evening, I went back into my home studio, pulled the SH575 out of its case, and just started noodling around to find out where the sweet spot was with the guitar. I originally took off marks for the guitar not really sustaining all that well. For the most part, I was wrong. The SH575 has a lot of sustain – you just have to figure out how to get it.

What I discovered is that this guitar requires an extremely light touch to play. That’s not a bad thing because a lighter touch in general means that you can play faster. Once I lightened up my touch, I was able to get some really stinging sustain out of it, and for that, I decided to give it a higher rating. Here’s a quick clip I made that demonstrates the nice sustain:

I added some overdrive with my trusty Tube Screamer, but it was pretty light. I wanted the guitar to do most of the work, and I added just a touch of reverb to create a little ambiance in the tone. Excuse my little mistakes in playing… 🙂

So why not a 5.0? There are a couple of reasons. First off, a high B on the 12th fret is actually a little dead. Not sure what that was about, but no matter how lightly I played, the tone of that string was just flat. Secondly, to me, the bridge pickup is just not very inspiring to me. I dind’t like it yesterday, and even though I really tried to look past my opinion of it, I just couldn’t get to liking it. As I mentioned in my original review, if I owned one of these, I’d lower the bridge pickup a tad to bleed off some of the highs.

But despite those two nits, this guitar plays like a dream, and in either the neck or the middle pickup selector, the SH575 just sings! That’ll teach me to get a review out too fast. I’m glad I proved myself wrong. 🙂

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