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DSC_0344I’ve been on this reggae kick lately, and was tooling around with a riff the other day. Not sure if it’ll ever become an actual song, but while I was laying down the track, I thought that it would be cool to lay down a solo track with a dirty guitar. I was thinking about a singing lead with lots of sustain. So I pulled out the Circus Freak Tattooed Lady overdrive, and let ‘er rip. Up to that point, I had only used the pedal with my Les Pauls, and was thoroughly impressed with it. But with my Slash L “Katie May,” the sound was other-worldly!

It had a crying-like quality to it that literally stunned me. It’s hard to describe what I was feeling when I heard it, but it’s akin to the feeling you get when hearing something so completely unexpected and so completely beautiful that you have to stop and say, “Did I REALLY hear that?” Then playing it again just confirms that yes, you really did hear that.

I must’ve played over the loop for a couple of hours before I decided to track it. The sound that this pedal creates is simply incredible. Here’s a clip:

When I got up above the 14th fret, I couldn’t believe how the pedal created this wailing sound. To me, it’s breathtaking.

Anyway, I know that I’ve mentioned that this pedal is fantastic standalone, but in this case, I actually used it to help drive my DV Mark Little 40, so the breakup that you hear is a combination of the clipping of the pedal with the clipping of the front-end of my amp. I have the amp set at the edge of breakup with the pedal disengaged. The volume on the pedal is set to about 11am, with the drive between 2 and 3 pm. Bass and Treble are both at about 1pm.

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From the brand-spankin’-new Circus Freak Music is their latest pedal release, the Bearded Lady Fuzz. Give it a listen…

Personally, I’ve never been much of a fuzz guy myself, but at 2.04 in the clip, that tone was something that I’ve never been able to get. I just love that percussive type of tone! But I was also digging that totally squishy tone, and started thinking that I could use squished, square-wave sounds like that as background. Really need to check this out… 🙂

Anyway, as mentioned in my previous article, look for a release time of early-December; specifically, the first week of December.

Now one thing I didn’t mention about my conversation with the Circus Freak guys was on the topic of the name of the company. The explanation they gave was very cool: Just like a real circus freak, they wanted their pedals to be memorable; not just from the perspective of tone, but of looks as well. Look at that enclosure! The graphics are distinct, but the shape of the box is totally memorable! They also fabricate their own knobs! A LOT of thought went into creating this pedals, and I totally applaud what they’re doing!

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