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I love reading the comments people make on other gear sites. For instance, check out this discussion at Premier Guitar.

Okay, these are supposed to be going to charity for Clapton’s Crossroads center, but c’mon now… The Crossroads rehab costs $24,500 for the 29 day program and $31,500 for extended six-week program. Plus, it’s in Antigua! Guitar Center is billing this collection as a way for Eric to “give back,” but let’s face it: The proceeds are going to fund a One-Percenters’ drug rehab/vacation camp in the Caribbean. 🙂 By the way, the program fees don’t include travel nor the $500 medical emergency fee, just in case campers smuggle in a fix and accidentally OD.

Look, I’m being facetious, and maybe a bit harsh, but these are just guitars (and replicas with NO history – or an inherited one at the most – for that matter), and while the rehab center may be a good thing, it really doesn’t benefit anyone but those in the financial top-tier; and of course, Eric Clapton. And at those prices, only those same rich campers that can afford the Crossroads rehab center will be buying those guitars, except for maybe the $5999 Martin. I wonder though if campers get a break on their program fee if they buy one… Perhaps if they bought the $50k Martin their program fee would be waived completely!

I can see the ad now: Buy the $50k Martin, and attend the 29-day program for free. Also buy the Brownie replica and you can do the full six-week program at no charge. In either case, we’ll also waive the $500 you-fucked-up-medical-emergency fee. So act now! Supplies are limited!

Wow! All this brings to mind The Who’s Tommy…

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