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VERY Cool Storage Rack

Like many, I tend to ignore ads when I’m surfing the Web, especially on Facebook. But this morning, I saw a picture on a Facebook ad that really intrigued me, so I clicked on it. It just so happens that I had been considering adding some kind of storage rack for my guitars to my living room, but the solutions I had seen, while certainly serviceable, weren’t furniture-quality. Wouldn’t make a big difference to me, but the boss-lady would not like it at all. Enter DRS Racks, modular, furniture-grade guitar and bass racks.

Now THAT’s totally cool. The racks come in two styles: Alpha and Bravo. Both can be stacked (Alpha on top of Bravo) to form a single unit (they call it A/B, duh 🙂 ), so you can store up to 14 guitars in a single unit, and from what I can see, it doesn’t take up much space at all. Here are features of the Alpha rack:

  • Built from solid, environmentally sustainable Bamboo
  • Holds 7 instruments (Bass, Guitar, Acoustic / Hollowbody and Electric)
  • Replaceable finish safe padded inserts are designed to allow easy access while keeping your instrument from falling out of the rack.
  • The padded base can be assembled in two directions to help accommodate oddly shaped instruments.
  • Pre-drilled to stack on Bravo rack
  • 38″ w X 33″ h x 18″ d
  • Designed to fit in the most compact flat box, these racks ship anywhere in the world and assemble with a single (provided) 4mm Allen wrench.

Made from Bamboo? I LOVE things made from Bamboo! As an amateur gourmet cook, I’ve had several cutting boards made from bamboo, and I won’t use any other kind. The reason? Even if bamboo gets wet and warps, it’ll return to its original shape when it dries. Bamboo is also lightweight, but extremely durable. You can gouge bamboo, but it won’t chip because it’s a fibrous grain.

From what I could see from the pictures, these are beautifully finished. So, problem solved! A utilitarian piece that looks like furniture! For more information, check DRS Racks’ site: http://www.drsracks.com/.

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