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I have finally moved into the tablet world and recently received an iPad as a job referral gift. Since it is the lowest level iPad, I haven’t been going crazy and loading up on apps – though to appease my kids I did get “Angry Birds.”

As fate would have it, soon after I got my iPad, app developers started contacting me about th eir wares. One of these developers created a nifty little drum beat backing track software with which guitarists can practice. It’s called Back Beats.

Check out the demo video:

Personally, I hate practicing or even recording to a metronome because it is fairly lifeless. But when I record or practice to an actual drum track, I can “feel” the ebbs and flows of the rhythm pattern, and that is reflected in my performance.

Anyway, the app is a measly 99-cents. For more information, check out the Back Beats website

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