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Greenchild G777 Overdrive

img_0004_webNo, sorry folks, but this isn’t a review of the pedal. However, it does seem promising. Not just a regular overdrive that’s patterned off the TubeScreamer or Klon, but something with an entirely different voice. On top of that, it has two independent overdrive channels that can be run in parallel or stacked and it has a variety of tone-shaping knobs for a practically endless list of overdriven tone possibilities.

All this sounds great, BUT the only good reviews I’ve seen of this pedal have been with people playing Strats. I did find one done with a Les Paul, but though the demonstrator was good, the sound quality of his review was horrid, and how it sounds with a Les Paul is important to me because that’s my main axe.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the sound of a Strat. I have two of them. But I find it strange that the reviews are so skewed with Stratocasters that it makes me think: Just how good is this pedal if few are demonstrating it with a Les Paul? Even Greenchild’s own video demo is predominantly focused on a Strat.

The Premier Guitar review of the pedal wasn’t totally complementary, with the reviewer saying that he didn’t like the high-end sizzle the pedal produces. Myself, I like that if it’s not overdone.

TheGearPage.net doesn’t even have that many threads on the pedal, with about half them being “for sale” posts. The demos didn’t get that much activity either. Strange.

Is it because the market is saturated with drive pedals? Or is it something else? I don’t know…

Normally, I don’t post this sort of article, but the apparent lack of response to this pedal got me wondering. I guess time will only tell…

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