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Greg HoweLooks like guitar maestro Greg Howe is getting into the act and offering lessons via Skype. I wrote about guitar great Charles Sedlak doing it, but Greg Howe? Awesome. The price isn’t outrageous either: It costs $75 for a 1-hour lesson. That’s significantly more than what Charles charges, but hey! It’s Greg Howe!

This lessons on Skype are really intruiging to me. Apparently they work, otherwise people wouln’t be offering them. For more information, check out: Greg Howe – The Official Website.

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The mags and rags of the guitar playing world seem to have forgotten about the absolutely amazing virtuosity of Greg Howe who, in my maybe not so humble opinion ranks among the best guitarists in the world, hands down. He’s as fast as Yngwie or Paul Gilbert, but in my opinion covers a lot broader musical territory. But the guy’s not only a speed demon, his solos are incredibly expressive, employing a lot of phrases that you’d expect to hear in jazz.

I’ve been amazed by Greg Howe’s mastery over the guitar for years, and I actually feel bad that I hadn’t acknowledged him here. Maybe it’s because he’s considered to be more of a fusion artist more than a rock and roll dude… Who knows? Actually, who cares? Greg Howe KICKS ASS!

Here’s a video that displays just some of that musicality and other-worldly technique. Please view it to the end. When he starts out, you’ll think it’s nothing special… Wait until he hits his stride! Aiyeeeeeee!

Click here to see more on YouTube!

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