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Yeah, yeah, just about every guitar blog has one of these posts, which is why I haven’t done one of these in the almost four years that GuitarGear.org has been around. The main reason was that I didn’t just want to post a “hot babe” list. I wanted to post women guitarists who are – to me – beautiful and talented and successful, and they have to be able to really play the guitar; in other words, they’re also great musicians, and not just eye candy. In addition, to make my list, to me, they have to ooze their femininity without resorting to raunchiness. Finally, and very importantly, I have to like the music they play.

1. Nancy Wilson

Topping the list is Nancy Wilson. I’ve had the hots for her since the 70’s! The she’s played the role of “sidewoman,” for Heart, she’s never been one to just look pretty on stage. She’s a great rhythm and acoustic guitarist!

2. Ana Vidovic

Ana Vidovic comes in a close second to Nancy and only comes in second because I’ve been in love with Nancy longer. 🙂 I first heard her play on a recording before I ever saw her, and loved her playing. Then to finally see what she looked like – OMG!!! By far, she is the most beautiful woman on my list, and her playing equals her beauty.

3. Sheryl Crow

Say what you want about Sheryl Crow, she is one of my favorite songwriters. I love her musical ideas and voice, and those just add to her attractiveness.

4. Gabriela Quintero

The female half of Rodrigo y Gabriela, this dynamic duo started out as metal players then converted to classical guitars and play a sizzling flamenco style, with Gabriela providing the complex flamenco rhythms to back Rodgrio’s solos. I first saw them a few years ago on a late-night show, and couldn’t believe the energy they had! It was marvelous! Then to see this gorgeous, sexy Latina ripping it up on her classical guitar. I was in love!

5. Tal Wilkenfeld

Okay, okay. I know, she’s a bass player, but she did start out as a guitarist, and she’s so damn talented and so naturally beautiful that I would be remiss in not including her in my list. As Jeff Beck’s bassist, she’s absolutely amazing. I could only hope to play solos on guitar as well as she does on bass. Her musical sense and phrasing is purely amazing.

I first heard of her through Ignacio “Ig” Gonzales when he had his popular blog, “igblog.” He was in love with Tal, and he spread his “Tal Fever” to all of us who followed his blog. If you’re not familiar with her, search for her on YouTube, and you’ll see what I mean.

Well, that’s my Top 5 List. Though my musical passion is rock and roll, I do listen to a lot of different music, and these chicks cover that territory for me.

One that I didn’t put on the list is Nora Jones, whom I’ve had a crush on for a long time, and though she actually does play guitar, and I love her music, guitar’s not her primary instrument, so she didn’t make the list, but she definitely would be in my top three were I to expand the instrumentation.

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What is it about guitar makes it immediately associated with hot chicks? Hey! Not that I’m complaining. Take a look at this smaller version of the free poster from The Tone Box (click on the picture to download the full picture – it’s 18mb – so it may take a bit):

It was this picture that made me ask the question above. I suppose manufacturers figure if they get us to sport wood for their female representatives, that image will make us sport wood for their products. Interesting. Interesting indeed! While I have an incredible appreciation for the female form, as a buyer of guitar gear, nice tits and a great ass will only serve to distract me. And if your gal is extra slutty (which does nothing for me at all), I won’t even bother looking at a manufacturer’s gear. It’s not that I’m a prude, but I’m really not swayed by that because even though I’m a red-blooded, American horn dog who loves the female form, I’m also a tone FREAK-I-ZOID, and in the end, I don’t want the distraction. Just f%&kin’ demonstrate how the mutha-f%^ka sounds!

I can just imagine a rather funny situation. Let’s say this kind of advertising actually works, and every guy who views the sexy ads has the same reaction to the gear. You could go down to Guitar Center or some other place and be able to tell whose seen the ads. They’d be the guys that are slightly bent over, faking that they’re doing the pee-pee dance, or unabashedly flaunting the bulge in their pants (or they could do the cucumber bit like the bassist in Spinal Tap).

But maybe some manufacturers have learned the lesson that no matter how many hot chicks you put on your ads, it’s how your gear sounds that matters, and heaven forbid! The sound and how it pleases people so much that they spread the word that is what actually sells your product. Off the top of my head, Goodsell Amps was notorious for using hot chicks in all their visuals, but perhaps even they learned the lesson. I remember the first time I went to their site after seeing a recommendation on The Gear Page. I happened to be at work when I clicked on the link, and had to close the page immediately because of the scantily clad chick sitting on a Goodsell amp.

When I got home, I opened up the page, but my first thought was, “What the F$&K does this have to do with the amps?” Like I said, I’m not a prude, but I couldn’t be the first one who asked the very same question. I actually found it kind of obnoxious. It reminded me of the old Comdex show in Las Vegas back in the 80’s when electronics manufacturers would hire scantily clad models (read: topless) to attract geeks to their booths. I went to the show a few times, and I can tell you from personal experience, I was a hell of a lot more interested in the round orbs of fleshy goodness than that actual goods. Such was my response when I first went to that site. However, if you go to the Goodsell amp site nowadays, you’ll see that it is just a plain old amp site now – no hot chicks on the home page. Maybe Goodsell figured that the expense of hot models didn’t bring in more sales. You think? 🙂

I’ve got some ideas on what actually works nowadays, but that’s a bit beyond the scope of this entry. I’ll maybe talk about my ideas in a future post.

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