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Coil Splitting vs. Coil Tapping

My good buddy Phil sent me a link to an article that discussed coil splitting vs. coil tapping. For years, I thought they meant the exact same thing. But according to the article, which was written by a Fender tech, they’re completely different animals. Coil splitting is usually associated with humbuckers where a switch is used to turn off one of the coils. On the other hand, coil tapping “means taking the signal from somewhere within the coil of wire rather than from the end of it, thus reducing pickup output (more windings means higher output).” I never knew that.

Taming that Sonic Boom

After I read the article above, I perused other “Tech Talk” articles, and found one that discussed an issue that has been a real issue with my Hot Rod Deluxe: Low-end boom. The article stated that that boom is called floor coupling and is caused by an amp being close to a reflective surface such as a floor or a wall. The reactance can cause a 3dB boost to the low-end. The solutions to this are actually quite simple: Either elevate the amp, or tilt it back. Some Fender cabs, such as the VibroKing come with retractable legs to allow you to lean the amp back. I always thought it was meant to be able to hear your amp. I never realized that there was an actual purpose for this other than being able to hear your amp while the band is blasting. 🙂


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