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Gruesome Album Covers

I was perusing the Web for Halloween-themed, guitar-related material, when I came across this article at GuitarWorld.com entitled, “The 13 Most Gruesome Album Covers.” And tucked between #1 and the #2 most gruesome album covers was the album cover for the Poison album, “Look What the Cat Dragged In.”

Talk about getting a great laugh! During the ’80’s, I really wasn’t a big fan of Glam Rock. To me, they all sounded the same. Even though so many guitarists could do some incredible things on the guitar, lots of them were doing the same damn thing, so it was pretty monotonous, and Poison was the epitome of what I absolutely hated about Glam Rock: All fluff and no substance. During that time, standout hard rock bands for me were Night Ranger, Damn Yankees, GnR, the Scorpions and that ilk. They weren’t without their issues, but at least they eschewed all the fluff for some great music.

Anyway, Happy Halloween!

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