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Can’t Wait to ROCK!!!

bren_hospitalYup, that’s the Dawg (me) sitting in my hospital room. This past Monday, I had total replacement of my left hip. The surgeon used the anterior technique, which is a relatively new technique here in the US. Basically, with this technique, instead of cutting through the gluteus maximus muscle (your butt), with the anterior technique the surgeon works his way in between the quadraceps, merely cutting through the fascia that holds the muscles together. The net effect is a much shorter recuperation time, which is important to me because I just wanna ROCK!

Amazingly enough, they had me up and walking twice yesterday. The first session in the morning was absolutely excruciating, but in the afternoon, I was able to walk over 100 feet up and down the hall. Today, they’re going to do the same, but in addition the PT will teach me how to get in and out of a car, and in order to get discharged, I’m going to have to walk up four stairs! I’m not looking forward to that, but I realize it has to be done.

Now that I’ve had the procedure done, I can’t begin tell you what an ordeal it has been for the past year and a half. I developed severe arthritis in my left hip over the course of several years due to an old injury. It finally manifested itself at the end of 2011, though the pain wasn’t so bad at the time. But as these things go, it got steadily worse. I finally got around to seeing a doctor, and he told me that I’d probably have to get a hip replacement.

Due to other health issues I was having, I couldn’t schedule my surgery until August of last year. But then a couple of weeks before the surgery when I was to get clearance to undergo the procedure, my blood pressure had gone up; and dangerously high. So I had to cancel the surgery lest I bleed out on the table, and for the past several months I’ve been working hard on changing my diet and religiously taking my blood pressure meds, and amazingly enough, my blood pressure went back to normal levels and lo and behold, I was able to get my hip replaced.

But in the interim, life pretty much sucked. I still kept on gigging, but it was under a lot of pain. It got so bad that I couldn’t even stand for my gigs and had to use a drummer’s stool for my solo performances. I stood a bit at my church gigs, but I just remained seated for the most part in the weeks leading up to my surgery.

Now that I’ve had my hip surgery, life is going to change for the better this time. While I was writing this article, my quite attractive physical therapist fetched me to do some walking about the corridors and to practice going up stairs and steps and getting in and out of a car. Amazingly, my joint doesn’t hurt – at all! What hurts is the incision, and that pain will go away eventually. In fact, it’s nowhere near as painful as it was on Monday, so I’m pretty encouraged.

What this means is that I will have mobility again, and will soon be back and rockin’. Life is going to get better – much, much better!

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