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I was reminiscing about my favorite rock bands, Night Ranger, this evening, and ran across this video from guitar great Jeff Watson (who is also a NorCal boy) and founding member Night Ranger on the proper micing of acoustic and electric guitars. While I dug Brad Gillis, I always dug Jeff Watson because of what he could do with a Les Paul. Besides, I was always in awe of his 8-finger tapping! Check it out:

For years, I’ve used two mics for acoustic very similarly to how they do it in the video (though I don’t have a Telefunkin). But I’ve actually preferred using a ribbon mic pointed at the 12th fret on acoustic. It seems to capture a much more rounded tone on my guitars.

As far as electric goes, I use a Sennheiser e609 Silver, along with a ribbom mic. But what struck me about what they were doing on the video was also using a large diaphragm mic. Then on top of that, all the mics were close in. I’m going to have to try that some time.

Anyway, there’s a lot to learn from this vid. Glad I found it!

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