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I know this is actually a couple months old and, truth be told, I actually started writing this on January 3. 🙂 If you want more details on it, you can read it here. But back when I was writing this article back in January, the focus of the article wouldn’t just be the announcement. You see, that guitar had a huge influence on me as well…

Back in the early to mid-’70s, I was starting to break away from listening to AM pop and really started to get into FM rock; what’s now considered “classic” rock – though it’s still contemporary to me, considering I’m 50. I started collecting vinyls of various rock bands like Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, Queen, Santana, The Who… the list goes on… But the definitive album for me was Peter Frampton’s “Frampton Comes Alive.” Looking back on it now, his playing wasn’t all that complicated, but his musical phrasing was unlike anything at the time. My favorite solo of all time is the solo in the middle of the song, “Do You Feel Like We Do.” Turns out that that is also Vinni Smith’s (of V-Pick’s) favorite solo as well. That solo made me think, “I want to be able to play like.”

Don’t know if I could come up with something like that on the fly now, but that solo had a huge influence on me, and it was the guitar that Frampton lost and now has back in his possession that was responsible for creating the sound.

I’m so happy for Peter Frampton, and I’m so glad that he was able to reacquire a real gem of a guitar that had such an influence; not only on me, but on millions of people around the world, as “Frampton Comes Alive” is still one of the greatest-selling live album of all time.

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