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Damn! I’ve always loved this song, but this video features Pete Townshend using his #2 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop. I personally hadn’t seen that guitar in a video but I knew of it. Check out the video:

Townshend started using Les Pauls as far back as 1971, then started intermixing SG’s and LP’s in 1972-1973, switching over to the Les Paul Deluxe by the end of 1973. Here’s a GREAT history of Pete’s Les Paul’s on the Who’s official site.

Interestingly enough, an original 1969 Les Paul Deluxe doesn’t fetch nearly the prices of the 50’s and 60’s Standards. One can be had for under $14,000. I know that that might seem like a lot – it is to me – but compared to the 6-figure prices Standard go for, that’s a steal. And I’m actually not quite sure why the Deluxe never really caught on with players. According to the Who’s official site, the LP Deluxe was Pete’s longest running guitar during the Who’s illustrious and storied career.

Perhaps it’s because they’re pretty heavy or people don’t dig the mini-humbuckers and would rather have P-90’s. Who knows? In any case, you can find used ones on EBay for VERY reasonable prices – almost along the lines of LP Studios if you’re lucky.

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