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Happy New Year!!!

Have a great one! This year promises to be an awesome year! I’m looking forward to playing lots of gigs, checking out lots of new gear, and hopefully finding time to write more.

Taking stock of this past year, I actually slowed down with buying gear and instead concentrated on playing and recording. I finally started learning how to apply modes to my soloing and it has changed EVERYTHING for me! It took 42 years, but hey! Better late than never! 🙂

In performing, I made a huge effort to really “own” the songs I was covering. Not necessarily adding a bunch of vocal modulation that lots of pop singers do (which I think butchers good songs), but really making them my own; giving them my own brand. For the longest time, I tried to stay true to the original, but then after years of performing the songs, I felt I was getting a bit dry. Admittedly, it was pretty nerve wracking at first, but it has been worth it.

As far as res0lutions are concerned, I don’t really make them, though I always resolve to learn something new about guitar each year. So perhaps this year I’ll resolve to study even more about modes.


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