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rocknstompnFrom now through the end of June, you can get a $100 rebate on a RocknStompn power supply. Normally, selling at $379.00, it’s a fantastic deal with the rebate!


1. Click here to purchase the unit on Amazon.com

2. Say something nice about the unit on Amazon.

3. Send a copy of your invoice to Kimball Magee mentioning GuitarGear.org.

More Than Just a Power Strip

I know what you might be thinking, that “it’s just a power strip.” Well, it has lots of features that make it so much more that that. First off, it has LOTS of capacity for surge protection, so you’ll be protected from surges. You can also adjust the timing of each outlet row’s activation. It also sports two ferrite cores on the AC line to provide noise filtering.

I’ve been using mine for just short of a couple of months, and it has become one of those necessary pieces of gear without which, I won’t leave for a gig. For instance, I’ve got some pedals (one in particular) that are extremely sensitive to dirty or fluctuating power. Before I got the RocknStompn, I used regular, off-the-shelf power strips, you know the ones you can get off the shelves at RiteAid. Well, those work well for big spikes, but do nothing for tons of fluctuation, and practically nothing for noise. But with the RocknStompn, I get a nice, clean charge where even my finicky, noise-sensitive pedals operate nice and quiet. Though I’m not electrician, Kimball – the RocknStompn creator – communicated to me that the use of two ferrite cores on the AC help filter out the noise. All I can say in my layman’s vernacular is that it works.

Now I realize that this might seem like a fairly high price to pay, but here’s my personal rationale: I’ve literally spent thousands of dollars on my gear. Last year, I had almost 200 gigs. In some of those places – especially a 110-year-old winery – the power was either extremely dirty, or I got some occasional spikes. It truly worried me. So having some level of protection between my gear and the power source is absolutely comforting. What’s that peace of mind worth? Well, a few hundred bucks to me isn’t too steep a price to pay…

For more information, go to the RocknStompn web site!

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