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I was surfing around YouTube looking for Steve Winwood songs to listen to (listened to the full “Arc of a Diver” album), and happened upon this INCREDIBLE high-def video of Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton playing live at Madison Square Garden last year doing a bunch of stuff from their Blind Faith days and from their solo careers. This is a must-see…

My favorite tune is at 1:52:00 – that’s at one-hour and fifty-two minutes. It’s “Can’t Find My Way Home.” Then from there, the duo do some of my all-time favorites. In any case, the sound quality is superb, and I watched/listened to the entire vid. It’s worth the watch!

What struck me about watching this video, and has always struck me about Steve Winwood is his absolute musical genius, and how he can play multiple instruments; not just being ABLE to play, but REALLY play them. It has always amazed me. With respect to guitar, he’s so so smooth… well… what can you expect when you have Eric Clapton as a mentor. 🙂


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