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Keeping up with Sungha Jung

A few years ago, I discovered this kid while surfing on YouTube, and was AMAZED at the incredible technique he had, but more importantly, the passion he displayed with his playing at such a young age. Now at 16 years of age, Sungha’s technique – especially his right-hand technique – has become other-worldly. The incredibly cool thing is that he still has that incredible passion for playing, and it’s something that at least to me, sets him apart from other prodigies. Here he is playing his rendition of “Phantom of the Opera:”

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What strikes me the most about this child prodigy is that not only does he have incredible technique, he has emotion and passion in his playing, so that what he plays isn’t merely a regurgitation of a song, there’s musicality in his playing. I have nothing but high hopes for this kid! His playing literally brings tears to my eyes. I’ve seen lots of other prodigies and while I am impressed with their skills, they mostly come off as a novelty; not Sungha Jung. I can really connect to what he’s playing – and he’s only 13 years old! Amazing!

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Ever since I discovered this kid a couple of years ago, I’ve been absolutely blown away by the maturity of this guitar playing. This kid is AMAZING! It’s not just that he can play at the level he plays at such a young age – he’s simply a great player in his own right!

It’s funny, but a lot of people come to GuitarGear.org by doing a Google search for “Sungha Jung.” It’s great for me because I appreciate the traffic. But irrespective of that, this kid is someone I’m going to enjoy watching grow up.

I spent the last hour going through his videos on YouTube. His playing is so natural and his whole attitude is completely unassuming. You can tell that he plays for the pure joy of playing. That’s a lesson all we jaded musicians should remember.

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