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Why? Because some of us will pay ungodly sums of money to have some gear. For instance, this morning a friend of mine sent me a link to an eBay item:  A 1967 Marshall Supa Fuzz pedal. The seller is asking $4,999.00. That’s under $5,000! Wow! And shipping is included! What a deal!

Granted, this was Pete Townshend’s favorite pedal back in the 60’s and 70’s; I get that. And I totally get the vintage mojo with a pedal like this. But $5K? Not sure about that. And besides, if memory serves, this was a clone of the Tone Bender.

But there’s no rhyme or reason to getting gear, so I would never begrudge anyone for spending their money on something they want. For me though, paying several thousand for a pedal isn’t for me.

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