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I was just perusing my favorite forum, The Gear Page, and ran across a thread about Ted Weber being in the hospital. Apparently, Ted’s really sick. Here’s an excerpt from a quote of his: “As for my health, I have pulmonary sarcoidosis, a hardening of the lungs. I’m on oxygen 24-7 and am waiting to be qualified for a transplant. Transplants are around 50% success rate at 5 years, so I’m not doing any long range planning.” I’ve never bought a thing from Ted, but I have e-mailed him about different types of gear, and he’s always been so gracious. Please join me in sending him some good vibes!

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I don’t post as often as I’d like on thegearpage.net, but I certainly lurk there at least three or four times a day. For the last couple of days, TGP has been down due to a hardware failure of some sort. While it was down, I realized just how much I liked visiting that site. I’m not really friends with anyone there yet, but it’s a place I definitely enjoy visiting. It’s a great community!

I’m pleased to announce that TGP is back once again, and running like nothing happened! That’s awesome! Now I can while away the hourse once more… 🙂

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