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Getting in the “Vibe” of Things…

Yesterday, I started working on a sketch of a song. I knew I wanted the main rhythm part to be clean, but I wanted a fairly heavy tremolo sound. I didn’t have a tremolo pedal nor an amp that had it, so I used a software plugin. That worked to a degree but I kind of wanted to get a bit of a swirly, leslie effect. Then it dawned on me that I had a Voodoo Labs Micro Vibe that has been collecting dust in my unused pedals crate.

So I dug through the crate, and quite literally dusted off the pedal and hooked it up. Damn! I forgot how much I like that sound! And then it also occurred to me that perhaps the reason I put it away in the first place was because I didn’t have the right combination of gear to do the pedal justice. But since I got that pedal a few years ago, my rig and my playing has evolved to where I could make use of the pedal once again. In any case, here’s the sketch I put together:

I’ve got an idea of what I want the song to be about, but this time I asked my son to do the lyrics because I wanted a younger, fresher take on the subject. We’ll see how it goes.

This is the gear I used:

  • Amp: DV Mark Little 40 Head into an open-back Avatar 1 X 12 with a Jensen P12N speaker
  • Rhythm Guitar: Slash L Katie May into the Voodoo Labs Micro Vibe
  • Lead Guitar: ’59 Les Paul Replica into a Vox Big Bad Wah
  • Bass: Squier “P” Bass

To me, this is an example of using the right combo of gear. Though this is a sketch, I’m loving the guitar sounds, es. pecially Katie May into the Micro Vibe. What a sexy sound!


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