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Okay… I’m feeling a little guilty… I’ve had this pedal for review in my possession for months, sent to me by Peterson Tuners, who’s the US representative for Sonuus. It’s not that I didn’t want to review it, but when I got the pedal, it was before I got my hip replaced, and in the few months leading up to my surgery, I was always in way too much pain. But now that I’m healing up, I finally opened the box to give this pedal a try.

First of all, this pedal is just dang cool! It has the ability to produce virtually any wah/filter sound you can think of. The sweep of the expression pedal is super-wide, which is something I dig – especially in wah mode – because it allows me to add subtle to dramatic sweeps. Then the filter stuff takes this pedal way over the top, giving you the ability to make very cool vowel sounds to even flute sounds – yes flute (albeit synthesized, but it’s still cool).

Admittedly, I was a little overwhelmed and intimidated by the pedal when I first started playing with it. The thought that crossed my mind was, “Dang, if I want to create a different sound, do I have to continually tweak parameters?” That usually drives me away from high-tech gadgets because I just don’t have the time to mess around. Luckily, I had an “RTFM” moment, and picked up the manual. Turns out that there are 100 presets on the pedal, so it was a simple matter of finding presents that I liked and remembering them. But the pedal also allows you to edit the preset, so if a preset needs to be tweaked, it’s a simple matter of making your adjustments, then holding down the “Save” button for a couple of seconds.

I’m still playing with the pedal, so a review is pending. But what I’ve discovered in the hour or so I’ve played around with the Wahoo has really impressed me. I especially dug preset 78, which employs what seems like a high-pass filter that produces a haunting flute sound. But thus far, I’m having fun just discovering the different sounds the presets make.

Stay tuned for a full review with sound clips! For more information, visit the Wahoo product page!

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