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Man, I love it when gear manufacturers build stuff for a cause! Wampler has just re-released their limited run Underdog Overdrive (only 100 were originally made) to help out a friend who has breast cancer, as she can’t pay her doctor bills and apparently can’t get any insurance. All the profits from this re-release are going to help this woman out. It’s great to see this type of generosity!

Here’s a transcript of the press release:

Wampler Pedals has recently re-released their popular “Underdog Overdrive” pedal. Only 100 of the pedals were built originally.

According to Brian Wampler, owner of Wampler Pedals, “A close friend of mine has breast cancer and has no insurance, no family, and the government will not pay any medical costs for her to get the treatment she needs. Now, I’m not rich by any means, but I had to do something to help her. My wife and I came up with the idea of creating a pink pedal that is rich, dynamic, and very tweakable, and donate ALL the profits to her. Out of that limited run, famed country artist Brad Paisley bought one and loved it. A number of guitarists saw the pedal on Brad’s pedalboard and asked me to build one more for them, so I decided to start building more to keep up with demand. We are still donating all the profits to my friend, Ivy East, who is struggling to pay the doctor bills to combat this terrible disease.”

And here’s a video demo of the pedal. Apparently this is one of Brad Paisley’s favorite overdrive pedals:

For more information, visit the Wampler Pedals site!

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