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I was reading Slash’s apparent “official” fan site called “The Snakepit” today. I say apparent because the site hasn’t been updated since 2004. But it has been around since the mid-1990’s (and looks it), so kudos to the creator of the site for such longevity! In any case, the article on Slash’s equipment mentioned that Slash preferred a now-defunct Nady wireless system. But since I hadn’t heard much about Nady as of late, I went to their site to see what kinds of things they’ve cooked up since I last checked (which was admittedly awhile ago).

Turns out that in September of last year, they came out with a compact wireless system called the MicroMGT-16X.

Nady is known for affordable devices (I have a Nady ribbon mic), and this system is only $199.99. What intrigues me about it is that it truly is compact. As opposed to being a rack-mount or standalone unit. the receiver plugs directly into your amp, or wherever you start your chain – mine would be my board; or to be safe, I’d probably run a male/female 1/4″ cable to put the receiver in a safe place. But in any case,  I love the compact size and the fact that it runs on  a single AA battery with an apparent life of 8 hours. Not bad.

The transmitter, which you can get in either offset/angled or right-angled, is truly convenient: No body pack and no cable, just plug in the transmitter and you’re set.

Now there are a couple of  caveats to this system:

  • It’s not frequency stealthy. You have to set the frequency with DIP switches. That’s not necessarily a deal-breaker if you run into interference.
  • With only 16 channels, it might be an issue to use this unit where there are a lot of other wireless mics or instruments being used. However, if those are frequency stealthy, then it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Here are the features from the Nady web site:

  • Miniature, lightweight transmitter plugs directly into guitar, bass (even portable keyboard)  output jack. No cord connection needed.
  • 16 user-selectable UHF frequencies for interference-free operation
  • Unprecedented wireless portability with single AA battery-powered receiver
  • ¼” plug for connecting receiver directly into amp
  • ASC™ (Auto-Sync Channel) infrared wireless download pairs transmitter to selected receiver frequency for quick, easy setup
  • Up to 250 ft. operating range line-of-sight
  • Transmitter powered by single AAA battery

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Applied Microphone Technology Wi5GI’ve been in the market for a wireless system for awhile, and there are lots of options out there. But one thing that has kept me from going completely wireless is that most wireless systems out there require the use of a beltpack. The AKG WMS40 is an exception to the rule, and from what I can tell, it’s a great solution for a great price (I have yet to try this unit out).

But the Wi5G shows a lot more promise in that not only can it be used with an electric guitar, you can attach it to an AMT micro-equipped unit on your acoustic guitar. So in terms of versatility, this unit sound pretty cool. Here’s the press release:

The AMT Wi5G — Guitar Wireless System is a removable 16 selectable channel wireless setup. The Wi5G is intended to work with all types of electric guitars. The system allows players to perform wireless without being tied down to a belt pack or wires of any type. The Wi5G features a plug in play style transmitter that is very light in weight. The sound clarity and wireless reception are very high. AMT’s philosophy is to develop the highest sonic quality in there products, and the guitar system stays right in line.

The most impressive feature of the Wi5G Guitar Wireless System is its ability to convert / adapt to all AMT microphones as well. The Wi5G transmitter, by unplugging the included ¼ in adapter, can then plug directly into any AMT microphone with D.C.T. (AMT’s disconnect cable technology). This feature allows the player to use the Wi5G system with there electric guitar, unplug the transmitter from there electric guitar and plug it into an AMT S15G acoustic guitar microphone setup already in place on an acoustic rig. The Wi5G is the only system on the market with the ability to switch from an electric pickup to a high quality acoustic instrument microphone. Along with the ability to switch between 16 channels, this makes the Wi5G and a S15G a valuable set of tools for all guitar players.

The Wi5G wireless system has changed the way a guitarist can perform. By allowing total freedom from wires, a belt pack, and / or a preamp the performers are able to move freely around the performance area. This concept frees up the artist from standing in front of a guitar amp tied down with a cable. The Wi5G assures that every nuance of the performance is heard as the artist intended it to be heard without changing the sonic quality of there instrument rig. AMT has developed there name on this high quality hand made philosophy.

The Wi5G transmitter features an on / off and a mute switch along with a gain adjustment. An LED is featured to show on / off as well as a low battery indicator. One AAA battery is needed to power the transmitter. Designed to be used with either pedals or an acoustic guitar, the ZR series receiver comes with both a ¼ inch and XLR output. The receiver, with an optional rack mount kit, can be mounted in a rack, set freely next to your pedals, amp, or any where close by.

The Wi5G works with all types of electric guitars with the included ¼” jack, as well as AMT microphone models: LS, WS, TA2, Z1, P800, M40, S15G, VS, S25B, and the S18C. Microphones sold separately.

Sound interesting? I think so…

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