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guitaraholic_logoMy very close friend and fellow gear slut, Peter Jagielski, has just officially launched an interesting site called Guitaraholic.com, a place where you can keep track of your ever-growing inventory of guitars – down to the nitty-gritty details. Plus, you can hook up with other buyers and sellers of various axes through the site’s “marketplace.” What sets this particular marketplace apart from the buying/selling/trading on the forums is that Peter offers an escrow service for a small fee to add a bit of insurance that no one gets screwed, and to ensure that only serious players are involved. That’s definitely peace of mind for buyers and sellers.

Since the site is fairly new, there’s not much in the marketplace at the moment, but I do know that several people have been entering their information into the Guitaraholic database; unfortunately, at this time, you can’t see other members’ axes. That will hopefully be remedied soon. You never know, but you could be perusing the guitars that are on the site, come across a very cool guitar that doesn’t happen to be in the database, and make an offer to the buyer. That would add an interesting twist, wouldn’t it?

Peter’s a great guy, and I’ve had the priviledge of knowing him for many years. I think his idea is great, and with time, and perhaps a bit of luck, the site will evolve into a busy marketplace to find some real gems! In any case, here’s a copy of Peter’s press release:

Peter M. Jagielski, Founder
Phone: 614-578-4374

Guitaraholic Launches New Website for Guitar Collectors, Buyers & Sellers

Columbus, OH, 05/20/2009 – Guitaraholic™ announces the general  availability of its web site http://www.guitaraholic.com.  Guitaraholic is a web site dedicated to guitar collectors, sellers & buyers.  Membership is free.  The web site’s core function is to enable guitar owners to keep detailed track of their collection, from the color of the guitar down to the type of screws holding down the truss rod cover, and everything in between, including hardware and electronics.  Guitarists may also upload pictures of their guitars, which can then be used with the web site’s other major feature, the Marketplace, where members can buy and sell guitars.  Many of the relevant details that a member can specify about a guitar can then be included in the guitar’s listing, thereby making it quick & easy for sellers to list a guitar, and provide vital information to potential buyers about the guitar.  To sell a guitar, members need only pay a listing fee of $4 USD.  To facilitate a secure transaction between buyer & seller, Guitaraholic offers an escrow service for a fee of $20 USD.

For complete information, go to www.guitaraholic.com.

About Guitaraholic – Guitaraholic launched on a limited basis at the end of 2008 to select members of the
guitar collecting community.  The web site is now available to all guitarists.  Numerous upgrades are planned
through the remainder of 2009.  All major web browsers are supported, but Firefox™ is  recommended.

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