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IG - Ignacio Gonzales

IG - Ignacio Gonzales

One of the things I’ve looked forward to each day when I open my browser for almost two years is going to IGBlog, Ignacio Gonzales’ guitar blog site. I stumbled upon it early last year, and have been a faithful reader and occasional contributor. Ig is an awesome guy, but in September, his posts started becoming less and less regular, until they finally stopped altogether. As Ig explained in a post, his area of Texas got hit hard by hurricane Ike, and posting was not a priority.

I guess it must be really bad, because I went to the IGBlog (http://igblog.wordpress.com) this evening to find that it no longer exists!

Ig, if you’re out there, just know that your friends only wish you the best, and more importantly, wish that you and your family are safe. If and when you decide to come back to the guitar blogging community, you’ll certainly be welcome wholeheartedly!

By the way, if you know Ig, please send him my regards, and let us know how he’s doing!


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