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Line 6 JM4 Looper

I suppose in a response to the VOX’s JamVOX, Line 6 recently released the JM4 Looper. This is one cool box. All the included recordings were done by actual session musicians, so you’re playing to real instruments. You can even record and store up to 24 minutes of loops, and with an SD card, you can store up to 2 GB extra of loops. I’ve used Line 6 gear in the past, and it’s top notch. Click here to check out the specs.

With a street price of $329.99, it’s not cheap, but you get A LOT of bang for the buck. I guess this is Line 6’s answer to the JamVOX, which is also very cool – and a bit more versatile with respect to being able to play all sorts of media. But the JM4 seems to concentrate on musical styles as opposed to just jamming to songs, and with their Endless JamTM technology, Line 6 has added a great twist on jamming. Here’s their explanation:

The Endless Jam Engine is a simple arrangement system that we developed to get great mileage out of the jam tracks. It breaks each jam track into sections, arranging everything between the intro and outro into an Endless Jam, creating jam tracks that can go on forever without getting boring or overly repetitive.

How cool is that? Very, in my opinion…

For more information, go to the Line 6 JM4 Looper page.

For an absolutely great demo of this pedal, I found a YouTube video of this excellent guitarist showing off the various styles of music included in this box. The dude’s a great guitarist to boot, and gives a fantastic demo of the JM4 Looper. Check it out!

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