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dylan_brock Just went to see a fantastic SF Bay Area band called LUCE (pr. “loose”) last night at the Little Fox Theatre in Redwood City. This is a medium sized club with a decent sized stage. Their music is in the Alt-Pop realms, even close to Folk Punk, but who cares? They make great music!

In any case, I had a chance to rap with Dylan Brock, LUCE’s guitarist. That dude can PLAY! He was playing through a Hiwatt Custom 20 through a matching Hiwatt 2 X 12 cab (didn’t get what speakers he had). Granted, the venue wasn’t an arena, but he was plenty loud with just 20 Watts! The sound guy used what looked like a Senheiser e609 amp mic on his cab to run through the PA, and his tone was simply killer!

It just goes to show that you don’t need a lot of wattage to get your sound out. He just needed stage volume, and the sound guy did the rest! I always speak about the virtues of playing with low wattage amps. The thinking is that when you can work your power tubes into your tone equation, very good things happen. Dylan totally proved that point last night!

If you want to hear more about them, check out LUCE on iTunes!

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