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Since Michael passed away in 1997, the only video examples that I’ve been able to find have been single songs. But this afternoon as I was reminiscing about his music and the time in my life when I spent at least three nights a week at the Varsity Theatre in Palo Alto, CA to watch Michael play, I came across this video, which is the last full-length concert video recorded two weeks prior to his death. I encourage you to watch this video in its entirety as like me, you’ll be mesmerized by his technique. And though the sound quality isn’t the best, you’ll be amazed by the tones he can produce from his acoustic guitar. Even after all these years, I can’t help but be in awe of the man.

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Looked back through some old posts and saw a comment on one of earlier posts on the TC Electronic Corona Chorus where a commenter believed that the chorus pedal was one of the more useless pedals. I didn’t take offense to that statement, because everyone has their tonal preferences, but for me, chorus has been an integral part of my sound for years – especially when I’m playing acoustic guitar.

I started using a chorus when I saw Michael Hedges start using one way back in the early 80’s. Before he hit it big, I used to watch him at least a couple of times a week at a local bar, and one day he showed up on stage with BOSS CE-2. I instantly fell in love with that sound. He never went over the top with it, but he used chorus in a lot of tunes after his first album. Done right, chorus can be absolutely inspiring.

Here’s a video of Michael playing the first three songs off his Taproot album. The first song, The Naked Stalk, is one of my all-time favorite Michael Hedges tunes. It is super-simple, but that’s the beauty of this piece. Anyway, take a look:

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