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It Only Takes One Time…

…to drop your shiny guitar and you buy strap locks.

As soon as I decided to keep Katie May, my first thought was to get strap locks. I learned my lesson about that years ago when I dropped “Pearl,” my 60th Anniversary Strat, and put a big scratch on the front of her from her falling on a guitar stand. Sucked big time. Now, I either buy a guitar with strap locks on it already, or I go out and get a set.

My personal preference is Schaller strap locks. I’ve tried Dunlop strap locks, and did not like them one bit. Maybe it was how they were installed (not by me), but they kept on coming loose. They were quickly replaced with Schallers.

Whether you’re an active musician or a bedroom player, do yourself a favor and get some strap locks. Peace of mind is a good thing…

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