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Pictured above are an original 1959 Les Paul and Allison Stokke. Don’t know about her? Look her up on Google. For this particular article, any hot chick will do…

So… you’re on a boat and the captain is taking you to a remote, desert island to strand you there. He says, “I might be mean, but I’m not cruel. So I will give you a chance to choose between two things to have on the island with you. First, you can have a rare, 1959 Gibson Les Paul in Sunburst. I’ll provide you with a Marshall JTM45, and a power supply that can recharge with solar power so you’ll be able to play any time. Or… I let you have [pointing towards the gorgeous young woman] her. What be yer choice matey?”

The captain goes on to say that you shouldn’t be hasty in your decision and that you should consider these important points:

  • Both are incredibly beautiful
  • Both will make your creativity soar when you touch them
  • Both will give you joy for years to come

So what would be your choice and why? 🙂

I’ll share mine once I hear from a few folks…

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