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When Gibson first came out with the robot a few years ago, there was a lot of debate about it. Personally, I didn’t see it as more than something that would allow Gibson to charge lots of money for a guitar that had it. My buddy Phil has a robot guitar and he loves it. Me? Based on what Phil has demonstrated, the system is definitely cool; not only does it tune, but it will give you alternate tunings as well. The alternate tuning bit is pretty cool IF you play in alternate tunings. I do dropped D occasionally, but rarely go to open G or E. Actually, I don’t ever do anything other than dropped D on electric, though I do use a few alternate tunings on acoustic at times. So for me staying mostly in standard tuning, I don’t see too much use for it, and besides that, my Les Paul stays in tune quite well.

To play devil’s advocate a bit, let’s take this Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited guitar. Nice looking guitar. It retailed street at around $3600 – $3700 while it was available. Now mind you, this is a Gibson USA Les Paul Standard. Not a custom shop model. I could see paying that for a brand-new custom shop historic model, but not sure I’d pay that for a regular ol’ Gibby USA guitar. A Les Paul Standard without the robot system goes for $2000 to $2800, depending upon the Standard type. So is the robot worth over a grand?

Yeah, I know that there are LP Studios with the robot. But as a guitar, I feel that’s a step down from a Standard. Call me a cork sniffer, but I’d never buy a Studio. I’ve played several over the years, and they just don’t live up to my personal expectations of a Les Paul. Maybe it’s psychological – I don’t know.

But Studio or Standard, I’m just not sure the extra grand is worth it…

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Pictured above are an original 1959 Les Paul and Allison Stokke. Don’t know about her? Look her up on Google. For this particular article, any hot chick will do…

So… you’re on a boat and the captain is taking you to a remote, desert island to strand you there. He says, “I might be mean, but I’m not cruel. So I will give you a chance to choose between two things to have on the island with you. First, you can have a rare, 1959 Gibson Les Paul in Sunburst. I’ll provide you with a Marshall JTM45, and a power supply that can recharge with solar power so you’ll be able to play any time. Or… I let you have [pointing towards the gorgeous young woman] her. What be yer choice matey?”

The captain goes on to say that you shouldn’t be hasty in your decision and that you should consider these important points:

  • Both are incredibly beautiful
  • Both will make your creativity soar when you touch them
  • Both will give you joy for years to come

So what would be your choice and why? 🙂

I’ll share mine once I hear from a few folks…

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